About Bernard

I was born and raised in Southport where my father owned a bicycle shop. I knew that I wanted to be an artist from the age of nine and my family supported my choice. After attending the Liverpool School of Art in 1943, I went to the Royal Academy School where I spent a year studying drawing. In the 1950s, I won a scholarship to study in Paris, where I met many of the famous artists of the Paris art scene, including Maurice Esteve and Picasso. Lydia Corbett, Picasso’s "ponytail model" is still a dear friend.
While in Paris, I studied the process of aquatint etching under Johnny Friedlaender. I travelled throughout the French countryside and collected drawings that would form the basis for my architectural landscape paintings. During my early years in London I focused on large canvases in an abstract expressionist tradition, before
returning to landscape paintings worked in a structured style using an
earthy, muted palette.
 In the 1980s I "migrated" to  Oundle, where I have lived ever since.  

Credits and Links

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Pictures framed by Felicity at Effeljay 


Images of my pictures for the site by Nisha

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Help & Friendship:

Fellow artist Crispin Heesom has been an enormous , see his work at www.crispinheesom.com
Thank you to all my friends in and around Oundle.